August 29, 2022

Matt Paige, Making the Complex Simple

On Today’s episode we have Matt Paige, VP of Marketing & Strategy for HatchWorks. HatchWorks is award-winning firm specializing in software development and cloud application services.


This week’s episode is a little different from what we’ve normally done. Matt talks about the importance of sales and marketing teams working together and why simplifying your customer’s experience and becoming one with your customer can only be done when you utilize both your sales team’s input and your marketing team’s expertise.


Tune into this week’s episode to hear from Matt Paige, VP of Marketing & Strategy for HatchWorks to hear about the marketing side of things and why collaboration and teamwork is so vital to a company’s success.



  • “Take it from somebody that gets ‘pitch-slapped’ a lot, you know, where you just get the cold pitch, don't do it, build the relationship first, offer up some value.” (5:00-5:10)


  • “There's a lot of cues, customers will give you that you may not pick up at first. But if you start to have a keen ear for things, there's opportunity that are there for the taking, if you just listen.” (11:47-12:02)


  • “I like the 80:20 rule, like give me 80% of value, content, your perspective, the pain you've experienced, and maybe sprinkle in about 20% of patchworks.” (23:30-23:40)



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